Presbyopia is the inability to focus on things such as your phone, newspaper text and packaging. It is a natural part of ageing and happens when your lens loses elasticity. It becomes most noticeable in your late 30s and early 40s.

You may have presbyopia if you have difficulty reading menus, phone screens and books. Objects which were once readable at a distance become blurry. It may also take longer adjusting your eyesight when looking at objects close then at a distance.

Presbyopia is normally treated with spectacles and contact lenses. If you dislike having to change your spectacles you can wear bifocal or varifocal lenses. Should you wish to wear contact lenses, you can correct one eye for distance and another for reading. This is called monovision.

 What are the symptoms of Presbyopia and how do you treat it?

People with Presbyopia experience difficulty when focussing on or reading things that are close, such as phones, menus and books - this tends to be made worse in low light when your eyes are strained.

Presbyopia is usually managed with glasses or contact lenses. Midlands Community Eye Care provide a range of spectacles with quick delivery,

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